The Importance of Rejecting Transactional Leadership

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During my professional life, I have seen many managers strictly propagate the idea of adhering to the rules and regulations of the organisations. However, I have not seen anyone of them enjoying the major success in terms of accelerated development and growth in business. That is why sometimes I think of asking whether rules and regulations can really play the prominent role in facilitating the smooth functioning of business operations. It is not necessary to think that the operational efficiency level can be increased by the effectual application of rules and regulations. I have seen many managers laying stress on the adherence to the rules and regulations when it comes to the matter of managing the business. However, in my personal opinion, a business can never become successful in terms of growth by merely following traditional rules. Can organisational productivity be increased if the employees of the business organisations step into the office with formal attire? Will following a proper dress code bring about major success in terms of business development? The answer is no. It is because of productivity matters, not the formal dress code. Policies, rules, regulations have been made for managing the discipline in the organisations. However, it cannot be supported if a workplace is made no better than a prison in the name of the rules, regulations, and policies. The rules and regulations should be made for ensuring the safety of the employees instead of making them burden for the employees. These should be utilised for decreasing the level of employee grievances. The rules and regulations should be made in such a way that the employees can be able to play the effectual role in satisfying the customers thereby resulting in increasing the level of overall organisational productivity. An organisation cannot cope up with the changing nature of the corporate world if it sticks to the idea of adhering to the rules and regulations.

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I have seen in many organisations that they prohibit the idea of using the internet for personal use during working hours. Even if anyone dares to do so, strict actions are taken against them for ensuring the non-occurrence of these types of incidents. During the office hours, no phone calls ought to be made. These are nothing but the sheer oppression in the name of rules and regulations. I am not saying that the employees should be allowed to have access to the internet throughout the day. There should be limitations. However, the employees can be allowed to have access to the internet sometimes while performing their works. Using the internet should officially be allowed in the organisations so that they employees do not perceive the workplace as the prison. However, it is also to be seen whether the employees are able to bring about productivity at the end of the working hours. After all, productivity matters at the end of the day. Therefore, the organisations should focus on the adoption of result-oriented approach instead of focusing on the adoption of process-oriented approach for increasing the level of overall organisational productivity.

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I have seen many managers stating that customers are the next to Almighty One. And for that reason, they should be treated with respect even if their behavior is bad. This traditional theory cannot be supported anymore. Of course, the interests of the customers are of prime importance as they are the chief source of revenue generation. However, that does not mean that the organisations will have to act like Yes Boss in front of them. I have seen many employees being treated badly by the managers just because customers are not happy. Do the employees intentionally play role in dissatisfying the customers? No employees can intentionally dissatisfy customers as they know that their livelihood and job security depend on the satisfaction of the customers. A customer should be treated with dignity and every possible measure should be taken for making the customers experience convivial. However, it cannot be supported that they should be perceived as Almighty One. At least, I do not support this idea.
I have seen in many organisations that the employees take prior approval from the concerned managers before performing any task pertinent to dealing with the customers. I do think that employees must be trained in such a way that they can take their own decisions thereby resulting in making them empowered. Sometimes, it is not possible to work within a specific framework of organisational protocols. The efficiency cannot be brought about in the business operations by maintaining status quo. That is why it is important to rise above the status quo for ensuring the success of the business and entrepreneurship. Hence, it is important to focus on the application of transformational and charismatic leadership rather than putting the diametrical focus on the transactional leadership. It is time to focus on the “out-of-the-box” thinking because it is the demand of the time.

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